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Tatsuro Shimada(Tatsu)

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  • Co-Founder, Ex-CTO of Connehito, Inc. : For eight years
  • Angel investor : Invested around 25 companies globally
  • Software Engineer, Ph.D. : Graduated from Keio University

My First Startup

Experienced an incredible journey, my first startup as a Chief Technology Officer.

I co-founded Connehito, Inc. We run an online Q&A platform, "mamari" which is the most significant(No.1) communication platform for moms in Japan. Connehito, Inc. was acquired by the Japanese telecom giant, KDDI, in 2016.

Going through creating an application used by over 7 million users, I could learn a wide variety of skills.

  • Make a decision as an entrepreneur, board member, CTO.
  • Application development
  • Team management
  • Invent a unique machine learning model
  • Post-merger integration for three years

After my first exit and PMI, I went to a worldwide tour to see the culture, understand startups globally. I visited over 40 countries, 60 cities, and met terrific startup people.

Fortunately, I could join on a team of some startups as an angel investor. I'm honored to be on their journey with respectful entrepreneurs.

Thanks to my precious friends, I experienced lots of things that I never did. I am grateful to all of the people involved. I'll start my next journey and would update it on this blog.


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