Investment Thesis

I'm not a super active investor in general but occasionally invest for people I'd like to work with.

My Value

I can share failures and pitfalls to avoid, based on my experience of building a 7 million user's platform and exit(M&A).

Technical advice(AI, Machine learning, Infrastructure)

Connect Japanese market and big company(Funding, M&A, Business partnership)

Areas of Interests

Global Distribution : I'd like to help companies whose solutions can be distributed globally, not only locally.

Check Size

My usual check size is 10k-50k USD for the angel investments


I prefer to help at the pre-revenue stage and tend to invest in pre-seed or seed round. The company with $5m+ valuation is not very attractive for me, given my check size.


Please contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn. (My reply would be quicker on Twitter than LinkedIn)